Moongazers to fill UA Mall this weekend

The University of Arizona Flandrau Science Center and Planetarium will be participating in International Observe the Moon Night on Saturday, Oct. 20. Shipherd Reed, Flandrau’s associate director of communication, said the event is “a designated night where planetariums all over the world try to put together programming to observe and appreciate and celebrate the moon, our nearest celestial neighbor.” Read more

Five science events not to miss during the Festival of Books

It seems all of Tucson is getting ready for the annual Tucson Festival of Books. This celebration of literature brings dozens of authors from around the world to the UA campus to share their work with the community. While the festival provides an excellent opportunity for those with artistic aspirations, the event also features several unique and interesting opportunities to learn about science. Here are five can’t-miss science attractions for this weekend’s Festival of Books:  Read more

Animal mascots: claws for a cause

The Tucson Festival of Books is dominating the UA campus once again. Authors come from all over the country to talk about topics ranging from diversity and economics to the paranormal and the rewriting of history. One particular topic authors will be discussing is the impact that animals have on people. Several authors will broach this subject using their own experience and literature as a touchstone. Read more

Peering inside the big box: the science of retail

It isn’t very often we think about what we buy after we leave the checkout line, but in reality consumers and retailers weave a complex dance since before—and long after—the doors of the supermarket ever open. Before leaving for home or your spring break vacation, get the inside story on the science of retailing. Read more

Bird is the word: Tucson's Year of the Hummingbird

While 2017 might be the Year of the Rooster according to the Chinese zodiac, the Tucson Audobon Society has dubbed it the “Year of the Hummingbird.” These local bird conservationists work in the community to engage and educate Tucsonans in order to promote the protection of bird habitats. Read more