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Learn science over drinks

Interested in research across the UA? Come hear about it over a beer. The UA is bringing science to the general public through its science café series.

UA gets grant to study weight gain and job loss

Losing your job is one thing, but when it drives you down an unhealthy road, that’s another. Researchers at the UA will be looking at the relationship between job loss and weight gain.

Robots help researchers discover drugs

Robots are replacing human workers in many sectors, including biology. The Functional Genomics Core at the UA provides robots and other equipment to allow researchers to collect large amounts of data that would be almost impossible through traditional ...

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Looking at the mess in biology

While some might think of it as a clean, beautiful theory, evolution is actually anything but. An adjective that Joanna Masel, an associate professor of ecology and evolutionary biology, would use to describe evolution is messy.

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