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Thursday, August 21, 2014 | Last updated: 8:57pm

Discovery could lead to new treatments for liver disease

A team of researchers at the UA College of Pharmacy recently discovered a new molecular pathway that sheds light on an important protein that could help slow or reverse the progression of end-stage liver disease.

UA students test internet meme using statistics

UA students test internet meme using statistics

UA students are putting an Internet meme to the test as part of an evidence-based medicine class. The meme claims that, according to a study, having a woman on a man’s lap while he bench presses will allow him to perform more repetitions due to an ... Read More


Bird collection goes high-tech

When the UA’s bird collection was started in 1884, curator Herbert Brown was tasked with cataloging the hundreds of nest, bird and egg specimens he collected by hand, and the only way to see those specimens was to visit the campus in-person.

Biosphere 2 brings a new ocean to the desert

A hermit crab skitters across the rocks at the foot of a spiny cactus. On the shoreline, the waning tide has revealed a series of pools occupied by urchins and starfish.

UA-led study links sleep to good grades

Everyone knows that sleep is vital. But when it comes to last-minute studying, many students cut into their sleep schedules for a few extra points on an exam.

High-powered lasers being tested at UA

UA researchers are experimenting with a new type of laser capable of firing high-intensity bursts of light that could one day be used to divert lightning away from buildings. The powerful lasers created in the researchers’ lab have demonstrated the ... read more

Chopping down history:

Don Currey was a graduate student at the University of North Carolina working on his master’s thesis about glacial movements in the Great Basin when he stumbled upon a very old-looking tree. read more

Studies expose downside of live-in relationships

If you’re dating someone, it’s a good idea to move in together at some point, right? Previous couples’ cohabitation research has found evidence to the contrary, such as correlations between premarital cohabitation and divorce, lower dedication ... read more