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High-powered lasers being tested at UA

High-powered lasers being tested at UA

UA researchers are experimenting with a new type of laser capable of firing high-intensity bursts of light that could one day be used to divert lightning away from buildings. The powerful lasers created in the researchers’ lab have demonstrated the potential to be emitted over long distances while maintaining a focused beam, a development that could also impact the fields of radio communication and atmospheric chemistry.

Chopping down history:

Chopping down history:

Don Currey was a graduate student at the University of North Carolina working on his master’s thesis about glacial movements in the Great Basin when he stumbled upon a very old-looking tree. Read More


Picture this: Astronomers photograph distant worlds

UA researchers are the first to use an Earth-based telescope with the digital technology found in cell phones and cameras to snap pictures of a planet outside of our solar system. “This is the first time imaging at this wavelength,” said Jared ...

Doctors treat severe H1N1 cases with heart, lung machine

This flu season, the H1N1 virus latched on to the U.S. once again, but a program at the UAMC has been saving lives by bringing out the big guns. This season, doctors at the University of Arizona Medical Center have placed ...

UA-led study sheds light on icy moon

Ice fields, jagged and fissured, stretch endlessly under a jet black sky. On the horizon, a brilliant sphere begins to rise.

Local bees engage in dirty dancing on Tumamoc Hill

Bees do it. Flies do it. Even educated UA students do it. Native carpenter bees are doing their mating dance now and for the next few weeks at Tumamoc Hill, a popular urban hiking spot and ecological field research station for the UA. Dance is a ... read more

Scientists 'cure' HIV in second newborn worldwide

At a recent AIDS conference in Boston, Mass., researchers announced they had effectively cured a baby of HIV, making the child the second newborn baby to be functionally cured of the disease. In an ... read more