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Tuesday, September 16, 2014 | Last updated: 10:30pm

Study finds friends are just like family

Study finds friends are just like family

How close are you and your best friend, really? Our friends tend to have similar interests to us, but research finds that there is more to friendship than just a shared love for the outdoors.

Researchers clear up misconceptions about normal aging

Researchers clear up misconceptions about normal aging

While diseases like vascular dementia are incredibly devastating, the majority of the population ages normally, according to Carol Barnes, a regents’ professor in the department of psychology and director of the Evelyn F. Read More


Local foundation hosts event to raise money for ALS

“Devastating” and “terminal” seem to be, unfortunately, the most appropriate adjectives to describe amyotrophic lateral sclerosis — just ask anyone who’s had a personal experience with the illness.

Following the work of UA trauma surgeon

UA professor of surgery Dr. Peter Rhee recently published a memoir, “Trauma Red: The Making of a Surgeon in War and in America’s Cities,” that detailed the groundbreaking research and behind-the-scenes specifics of the medical care he and his team ...

Fighting with loved ones can lead to more than heartache

Rebecca Reed, a UA researcher and family studies and human development doctoral candidate, is studying how close relationship partners help each other recover emotionally and immunologically after psychological stressors such as arguing. read more

UA students test internet meme using statistics

UA students are putting an Internet meme to the test as part of an evidence-based medicine class. The meme claims that, according to a study, having a woman on a man’s lap while he bench presses will allow him to perform more repetitions due to an ... read more