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The number of majors in the College of Science is overwhelming. With 15 separate majors all with different emphases, it’s hard to tell exactly what you’re getting into or what the future holds career-wise. But fear not, the Daily Wildcat Science Desk has teamed up to make choosing your science major a little less stressful with the inside scoop on several different degrees.


Doctors, bioethicists debate best way to define death

When it comes to life and death, the discussion is not only limited to what it means to be dead or alive, but also when to consider someone a human or a person. There comes a point in time when our bodies reach the threshold between life and death, thus ...

Noam Chomsky on linguistics in his book "Why Only Us"

April 21 wrapped up one of the final lectures at the UA from esteemed linguistics professor emeritus at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and renowned intellectual, Noam Chomsky. He cited a few of the ideas behind his latest book “Why Only ...

UA team works on proposed Hyperloop train

A new mode of transportation capable of traveling 600 mph, just under the speed of sound, is trying to become the next mainstream form of travel. Proposed as a “fifth mode of transportation” by Elon Musk, founder and CEO of SpaceX and Tesla Motors, ... read more

Math professor Jan Wehr researches robot behavior

Jan Wehr, a UA professor in the Department of Mathematics, has always been interested in mathematical physics, which usually involves pure mathematical problems that are motivated by physics. Recently, however, he has been exploring other areas of math. ... read more

Sustainable fisheries benefit Earth, fish and fishermen

The air was cool but humid as members of the Center for Oceanic Research and Education and I stepped onto the sand of a gently sloping beach on a small island in the Gulf of Thailand. We were starting work early, but we were not the only ones—a young ... read more

Immunobiology professors work to uncover mechanism of aging

The body’s immune system has the unique ability to evolve over one’s lifespan by developing a “memory” for pathogens it encounters so a person can be protected upon a repeated, secondary infection.  Understanding how protective immunity ... read more