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More Theater

"A Comedy of Errors" turns convolution into hilarity

Delivering slapstick comedy and over-the-top dramatization, William Shakespeare’s “The Comedy of Errors” at the Arizona Repertory Theatre provides carefully rehearsed eccentrics in a delightful performance.

"Fences" opening tonight at ATC

Maybe you’re not a theater person. You think the idea of sitting for longer than 15 minutes sounds traumatizing and are not interested unless there’s car crashes and superheroes. That’s fair, but here’s why you should see “Fences” at Arizona ...

For art's sake

From dance to theater, this year, the UA has been a hub of artistic energy and creativity with memorable performances from the UA School of Dance, the Arizona Repertory Theatre and UA Presents Broadway in Tucson. read more

From students to silver screen

The UA’s finest filmmakers are exhibiting their senior thesis films this Saturday night at the annual “I Dream in Widescreen” event at the Fox Tucson Theatre. read more