Bear Down Gym gears up for major improvements

Bear Down Gym will expand soon, using funds from the $125 increase in the Health and Recreation Fee as well as donations and university funding. The fee, originally $300 when established in 2010-11, will now be $425. Read more

VR technology holds many opportunities, challenges

Virtual reality (VR) is a rapidly growing technology that allows its user to insert themselves into another world, and is being hailed as a new way to not only experience entertainment, but also as a potential medium for training, doing business and experiencing the world. Despite the vast possibilities, the technology still has kinks and limitations. The main issue? It has nothing to do with technical issues— try nausea and motion sickness. Read more

Pride Alliance to hold Second Chance Prom

LGBT students and allies get that second chance to have the prom they always wanted this Saturday, April 22, at Second Chance Prom. Hosted by the ASUA Pride Alliance here on campus, Second Chance Prom is an annual event and one of the biggest the organization hosts each year for the UA LGBT community. Read more

10 easy steps to make Earth Day part of your entire year

This planet feeds you, clothes you and provides a platform for you to accomplish your goals. While we may be celebrating Earth Day Saturday, every day should be a celebration of the planet that sustains us. With that in mind, here are 10 things you can do every day for the rest of the year to give back to the Earth: Read more