Q&A: Scott Ordway shares his composition with the desert crowd

The Daily Wildcat spoke with composer Scott Ordway about his upcoming world premiere performance of In the Kingdom of Bells. The piece will be premiered Friday Nov. 30, and performed again Sunday, Dec. 2 alongside the Tucson Symphony Orchestra. Ordway is a professor of Composition at Rutgers University, and his works have been played around the world.  Read more

Basketball notebook: Sean Miller is done holding back

Miller, calculated and calm, laid out the four NLI’s that Arizona has received, simultaneously refusing to talk about a player while also letting the media members know, local and national, that he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon with an not-so-subtle tone that was a combination of vengeance and months of pent up frustration. Read more

Growing Pains: Year one of the Sumlin Era

Building a program takes time, and one can’t judge future success of of just one season when trying to establish a culture of their own. While patience will be key, there is no doubt that the up and down season that was will leave a sour taste around Arizona football until next season. Read more

Wildcats Anonymous strive to help college students achieve sobriety

It is no secret that there is a culture of substance use in college. For students recovering from substance abuse, safely navigating the college environment can be an arduous task. Nicholas Tucci, a student at the University of Arizona, had been sober for one month when he began attending UA. While everyone around him traversed the social spheres, Tucci was feeling overwhelmingly isolated. Read more

Furry friends prepare to strut their UA fashion

 For their four-legged friends at the Humane Society, University of Arizona fashion minor students have been hard at work, creating original denim cape designs to be presented at the Dogs N’ Denim Fashion Show Tuesday, Nov. 27.     Read more

Artist brings Tucson back to the past with new exhibition

The University of Arizona Museum of Art celebrated the opening of three exhibitions Thursday, Nov. 8, including (What is the color, when black is burned? The Gold War. Part 1.), created specifically for Tucson by L.A.-based Frohawk Two Feathers. The Daily Wildcat talked to Frohawk Two Feathers to get insight into his art style and the inspirations for this gallery  Read more