Advertising pays: A Wildcat love story

On Oct. 3, 1975, Robert Skarda, a silversmith and self-proclaimed ‘mountain man,’ placed an advertisement in The Daily Wildcat, a campus newspaper at the University of Arizona, that would lead him to meet his future wife of 40 years. Read more

Moongazers to fill UA Mall this weekend

The University of Arizona Flandrau Science Center and Planetarium will be participating in International Observe the Moon Night on Saturday, Oct. 20. Shipherd Reed, Flandrau’s associate director of communication, said the event is “a designated night where planetariums all over the world try to put together programming to observe and appreciate and celebrate the moon, our nearest celestial neighbor.” Read more

Q&A: UA Alumna takes the comedic stage

The Daily Wildcat talked with University of Arizona alumna Aubree Sweeney, a graduate from 2011, about her career in comedy. Sweeney, based out of Los Angeles, does lots of traveling as she goes on comedy tours and prepares for performances. She will be performing at several locations in Tucson October 11-13. Read more