OPINION: Mike Pence shows true colors in North Korea

Vice President Pence has been known to partake in vague hypocrisy, such as walking out of an Indianapolis Colts game when he witnessed players kneeling. This time, he chose to stand only for the United States athletes and none of the other countries, while sitting right in front of Kim Yo-jong, sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Read more

OPINION: No new NAFTA deal hurts Arizona more than most

During 2016, Trump referred to the North American Free Trade Agreement, the treaty by which Canada, Mexico and the United States can all buy and sell their goods without fear of tariffs or trade barriers, as being the “worst trade deal maybe ever signed anywhere, but certainly ever signed in this country.” Read more

Lost item found: Wildcats defense makes appearance in crucial win against USC

The sky was falling in Tucson following the Arizona men's basketball team's loss to UCLA Thursday Feb. 8, or at least it felt like it. But ahh, this is college basketball 2018, where your wildest dreams and worst fears can be realized within the span of 48 hours. And for the Wildcats, the missing slipper came in the form of nikes feverishly squeaking all over the court as they displayed the kind of defense their head coach had been hoping for all season in a 81-67 win against USC in McKale. Read more

OPINION: Vegan is the best way to live

So, I did. I did it. I became vegan. With no support from my friends or family, I took the initiative to start living a cleaner, healthier lifestyle. My first stop on my train to veganism was Whole Foods. Read more