OPINION: Bordering states, different mentalities

Although united by a common American heritage and a joint hatred of the New York Yankees, California and Arizona have been experiencing a bit of a spat over the issue of immigration for the past eight years, and the feuding has only become more personal in recent months.  Read more

Miranda's Station Review returns to campus

Miranda's Station Review (MSR), a student creative writing magazine, returns to campus seeking members to help produce, learn and get involved with an opportunity to showcase student writing. MSR originally existed as a student run "'zine" during the '91-'92 and '92-'93 school years. It hopes to establish a legacy by becoming a continuing resource for future generations of Arizona students.  Read more

Former track coach's trial begins in downtown Tucson

The trial of former Track and Field coach Craig Carter for aggravated assault began Wednesday in downtown Tucson at Pima County Superior Court. Carter, charged with assaulting a former student-athlete he was having an affair with, had been scheduled to face trial nearly three years ago before a series of set-backs and delays.  Read more