OPINIONS: Campus cyclists need to be pedestrian friendly

As a particularly seasoned writer here at The Daily Wildcat, it is my duty to supplement real news with thoughtful and critical analysis of the world we live in with a campus-centric approach and a entertaining, likable tone of an individual, not a rule book. This time, while the UA student body needs to immediately clamor to address not inequity or tuition increases, but the cyclist menace. Read more

Park Student Union to become UA Global Center

The University of Arizona’s Strategic Plan outlines many changes, some of which have already been set in motion. One such project is the development of a UA Global Center in the current Park Student Union building, which will house many of the services UA Global provides.  Read more

Previously identified religious cult remains on campus

Have you been approached on campus by a person wearing sunglasses and an empty backpack asking you to take a survey on religion?  If you have, you were probably approached by a member of the Faith Christian Church. In 2015, over 20 former members alleged this Christian ministry had cult-like practices, according to an Arizona Daily Star investigative article.  This investigation, however, has not prevented group members from being on campus and interacting with students. The alleged cult-like practices included teaching members to corporally punish their children, financially coercing members and encouraging members to alienate themselves from their families.   FCC was a member of the University Religious Council until the article was published, prompting the URC to investigate FCC and revoke its membership. Read more

Should border patrol be on campus?

 I first heard about the encounter between UA students and border patrol officers when the sound of the girls’ screams came around the corner. I was walking home at the time, and I saw a group of about ten girls were following two men in matching uniforms, but I couldn’t tell who they were exactly.   Read more

The real Arizona is competitive

 Arizona is a state at war with itself. Despite for decades being a bulwark of small government conservatism that produced such Republican icons as Barry Goldwater and Sandra Day O’Connor, Arizona is no longer the reliable Grand Canyon holdout Republicans used to have. And this image of a state trying to discover itself as we approach the start of a new decade can best be seen in the stark contrast between the messages sent by many of our representatives, state and federal, and the recent report on the reliance of states upon the federal government.  Read more