Tucson elections: The Daily Wildcat's run-down

Tucsonans will elect three of six city council seats and decide the fate of four propositions this November 7.  Is this the first time you have heard about this local election? Well, the Daily Wildcat has you covered with a short description of all the candidates and propositions Read more

Freshmen 15: Myth or truth

The "freshman 15" is a belief that during the first year of college, students gain 15 pounds due to their eating habits, new social life and adventures away from home.  Read more

'Cup it Up' saga a lesson in free speech

On October 6, Cup It Up shared political views via its business’ Facebook post. The post began, “It’s time Cup it Up American Grill made a statement," and continued to list causes they believed in and supported, and those they did not.  Read more

Big record show run by one man, out of one house

Bruce Smith, a man who surrounds his world with music, is the owner of a freelance record company called Cassidy Collectibles. Smith has been buying and selling records since the early 1970s, diving into the music scene at an early age.  Read more

UA Skin Cancer Institute holds 4th annual melanoma walk

As the weather cools and warm summer heat begins to disappear, more people make their way outdoors to participate in activities such as walking, biking and running. However, not everyone is still thinking about sunscreen. That is a potentially life-threatening mistake.  Read more

Improving the environment through art

"Rooted" is the first annual art exhibition organized to benefit Tucson Clean and Beautiful, Inc., a local nonprofit organization that works to "preserve and improve our environment, conserve natural resources, and enhance the quality of life in the City of Tucson  and eastern Pima County," according to their website. Read more

Reflections of Homecoming royalty

The tradition of homecoming is quintessential, time-honored and appreciated by students and alumni alike. Homecoming weekend was thick with pride for the heritage of our great university, its achievements and its future. Of course, the homecoming festivities wouldn't be complete without its royalty.   Here's some reflections from this year's royalty.  Read more