Local film festival showcases unique perspectives of Mexico

A documentary filmmaker records his matriarch grandmother, who reveals many secrets about their family. An indigenous girl defies any notion of how class should hold her and her mother down as domestic servants. A wealthy wife tries to maintain her composure and status while the economy crashes around her in 1982 Mexico. Stories like these will be shown in theaters in Tucson this week.  Read more

Is it your responsibility to be sustainable?

 Sustainability is defined in three ways. Being able to be used without being destroyed, using systems that do not destroy natural resources, and the ability to go on and last for a long time. The human race has not had a good track record of being sustainable.   Read more

Accountable ‘Cats: Arizona football focuses on improved leadership in 2019

“The key for this football team is leadership and consistency. We just need leaders on this team,”  defensive coordinator Marcel Yates said. “When you think about our road games, we lost four road games and three of them weren’t even close. Your leadership, you need those guys to step up, help you out and get you going on the road.” Read more

Burling and Baham’s success prove that opposites attract

Yet, being in sync in the sand is far more difficult than it sounds. In fact, the two grew up on opposite sides of the country. Baham grew up in the sandy beaches Hawaii before moving to Carlsbad, California for high school. Burling on the other hand, grew up in an area where in was hard to find sand, Naperville, Illinois. Read more

ASUA again reckons with low student interest

Last semester, the Associated Students of the University of Arizona, the UA’s undergraduate student government body, faced a crisis. While many candidates competed for the student body presidency, ASUA failed to fill a number of college-specific seats in the Senate. After a year of increased outreach to the UA community and easing of requirements for potential candidates, ASUA is facing a similar problem in this year’s March 25 and 26 general election. Read more