Spiritual healing in the desert

The desert has been regarded as a place of spiritual healing for centuries; the dry climate, natural springs, cavernous valleys and immense mountains attract yoga gurus, landscape worshipers and meditation experts alike.  Tucson is an ideal destination for those looking to explore spiritual healing opportunities, including shamanic, energy, reiki, crystal and more. The city is located in the southern part of the state and rests in the middle of one of the most prominent vortices in North America, according to an article on Sage Goddess Online. Tucson offers different places to go when seeking spiritual healing in the desert based off variety and services.  Read more

Ayton and Trier bond on and off the court

There might not be a lot of time for playing video games during the rigorous schedule of March Madness, but the connection between Ayton and Trier can help them put up video game-like stats in the coming days.  Read more

UA Poetry Center's Broadside Contest returns to campus

UA’s poetry center is hosting its annual Broadside Contest again this May.  Administered by the School of Art Book Art and Letterpress Lab, full-time students are eligible for receiving money for their letterpress art.  Three images may be submitted per entry, and a prize of $100 is available for five lucky winners, expressing this art form into the community is encouraged by those who love its unique and modern feel.  Read more

Jackson-Cartwright puts Aaron Holiday on an island

Without the effort brought forth from its senior leader, UCLA is probably headed to the Pac-12 Championship instead of Arizona. But behind a heroic defensive effort and three 3-pointers on the defensive end, Jackson-Cartwright will lead Arizona into its fourth championship game in five years.  Read more