OPINIONS: ENR2 looks very familiar!

Sandwiched between Sixth Street and Lowell Street, the Environment and Natural Resources Building 2, or ENR2, is located at the south end of campus and provides several floors of offices and laboratories for, notably, the UA Department of Mathematics, School of Geography and Development, School of Natural Resources and the Environment and the university’s sustainable research initiative, the Institute for Energy Solutions. As with seemingly every building on campus, the first floor will likely only be of relevance for most undergraduates; the floor houses N120, a 600 person, high-tech auditorium; Slot Canyon Cafe and some often quiet restrooms.  Read more

OPINIONS: Should student-athletes get paid?

On March 8, U.S. District Judge Claudia Wilken of Oakland ruled that the NCAA violated antitrust laws by restricting compensation of student athletes. Wilken ruled schools may offer additional compensation, as long as it is related to education.  Read more

OPINIONS: A Girl’s Guide to Going Green

I was once like you are now, young and unafraid, untouched by the harsh cruelty of the waste I produce each day. Despite my abhorrence for numbers, the most boring of all shapes, a statistic brought me to the light. Read more