Russian students get a taste of the Southwest

As political tensions with Russia rise, faculty from University of Arizona’s Russian and Slavic studies department decided politics weren’t the only thing that would be heating up this semester. Stovetops and ovens warmed up as seven Russian students from Moscow University for the Humanities came to the UA for a week of learning leading up to an ‘Iron Chef’-style cook-off. At the ‘Iron Chef’ event, held at the Tucson Village Farm, students from both Russia and the U.S. divided into teams to cook traditional Russian and Southwestern dishes. Tucson Village Farm is a location off campus where fresh fruits and vegetables are grown by UA students. Read more

OPINION: Honors is worth the investment

There are certainly plenty of non-honors students who are just as qualified as their honors college friends. The point is, I simply hope honors colleges are used for their original point of academic altruism, rather than just personal vanity, and deliver accordingly. Read more

EDITORIAL: Tuition increases violate spirit of Arizona constitution

Instead of blissfully carrying on the entrenched mindset of raising tuition each and every year, college officials and student leaders should be fighting for these costs to be lowered, using their voices and organizing abilities to lead protests or hold information sessions to convey how serious of an issue the skyrocketing costs of higher education really are.  Read more

Documentary explores the lives of 'Hippie families'

Beverly Seckinger, a University of Arizona professor for the School of Theatre, Film and Television, produced and filmed her documentary, Hippie Family Values,  focusing on the valued traditions and lifestyle of hippie elders. The documentary takes place at a communal ranch in rural New Mexico.  The film gives an intimate view and perspective into the way of life that members of the communal ranch have established. Seckinger became attracted to the idea about making a film when she performed for the community and was captivated by its charm in 2004.  Read more