OPINION: Government shutdowns are a destructive tool

In recent years, Congress has developed a nasty habit of taking previously unthinkable actions and making them into regular tools to be wielded in an attempt to win the attention of the news cycle for a couple of weeks, only to find a newer unprecedented and equally self-destructive plan that will get them attention. From refusing to raise the debt ceiling, to invoking a senate rule previously so unthinkable that it is called the “nuclear option”, to shutting down the government, actions that for decades American lawmakers saw as destructive and potential career suicide to even suggest, have become commonplace in modern day political discussions. It does not even shock us anymore that our government may occasionally decide to not pay its bills and instead just close its doors for a couple of weeks.  Read more

Science Lecture Series speakers discuss experiences as Women in STEM

Each year, beginning in 2006, the University of Arizona College of Science hosts a lecture series showcasing key speakers who present on a single topic or theme. This year, the series “Searching for Certainty” features six UA scientists giving lectures from Jan. 15 to Feb. 26.  For the first time ever, all six of the speakers are women.  Read more

Arizona men's basketball suffers second straight blowout loss, 90-69 to UCLA

Arizona came into the game coming off a 23-point blowout at the hands of USC and followed it through with an almost identical performance, losing big 90-69, as it once again labored to get anything on the offensive end going while letting UCLA and its talented big men bully them inside on both ends of the floor. The absence of Chase Jeter once again looked to hamstring and restrict the Wildcats on both sides of the court. Read more