Local film festival showcases unique perspectives of Mexico

A documentary filmmaker records his matriarch grandmother, who reveals many secrets about their family. An indigenous girl defies any notion of how class should hold her and her mother down as domestic servants. A wealthy wife tries to maintain her composure and status while the economy crashes around her in 1982 Mexico. Stories like these will be shown in theaters in Tucson this week.  Read more

Q&A: UA Alumna takes the comedic stage

The Daily Wildcat talked with University of Arizona alumna Aubree Sweeney, a graduate from 2011, about her career in comedy. Sweeney, based out of Los Angeles, does lots of traveling as she goes on comedy tours and prepares for performances. She will be performing at several locations in Tucson October 11-13. Read more

The family tailgate you've never heard of

Errol and Vina Talley have used tailgating as a way of connecting with the rest of Arizona soccer’s parents and the greater Arizona soccer community. And hey, why should American football have all the fun? Read more

PJ Johnson: solid gold

After having his tumor removed in January 2017, Johnson decided on City College to get back into football. He had 4.5 sacks and 17 tackles in 10 games to get back onto the national radar, but was not receiving much attention from the Power-5 schools. Read more

Campus-run organizations help provide 'food assistance' to UA community

The University of Arizona campus has several programs aimed to help the campus community who are dealing with food insecurities overcome the problem. Food insecurity is defined as not being able to provide or possibly afford food for oneself. Being that Tucson is a food desert, an area that is hard to produce fresh produce, programs that focus on fighting these insecurities  to be more relevant and important, according to Michaela Davenport, the executive director of Campus Pantry.    Read more