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Saturday, November 22, 2014 | Last updated: 1:34am

McSally's request to ignore provisional ballots struck down

Judge James Marner of Arizona Superior Court in Pima County denied an attempt by Republican Martha McSally’s campaign to prevent a number of provisional ballots in Pima County from being counted in the tight race for Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District.

McSally closely leads against Barber in midterm election

McSally closely leads against Barber in midterm election

The vote tally in the still-undecided 2nd Congressional District election remained close Wednesday night with Republican Martha McSally holding a slight edge over incumbent Democrat Ron Barber as ballots continued to trickle in.

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Election guide for university dummies

The midterm elections will be held on Tuesday, use this guide to pick a gubernatorial candidate based on key election points.

Fate of election lies with young voters

When Arizona voters go to the polls Tuesday, the younger demographic could have a big impact on election results.

Parking fees lowered to compete with Arizona cities

Tucson City Council unanimously voted to reduce the price of parking tickets across the board in the city of Tucson on Oct. 21. The new changes are set to take effect early next year.

Pet overpopulation prompts reform

Anais Orantez holds out a blue toy for Luna, a 2-year-old brown-and-white Rottweiler mix, in the outdoor area of the Pima Animal Care Center.

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