Tapping into the lives of Tapingo couriers

Hundreds of students know what it’s like to place an order on Tapingo, but not many know what happens between that moment and the moment when the food arrives at their doors.  That’s where Tapingo couriers kick in to gear.  Read more

Former track coach's trial begins in downtown Tucson

The trial of former Track and Field coach Craig Carter for aggravated assault began Wednesday in downtown Tucson at Pima County Superior Court. Carter, charged with assaulting a former student-athlete he was having an affair with, had been scheduled to face trial nearly three years ago before a series of set-backs and delays.  Read more

Keep hanging in there, cats

Pima Animal Care Center has been selected by the Jackson Galaxy Project — a signature program of GreaterGood.org, a nonprofit organization — to run a program that teaches people how to take care of animals as foster parents and transitioning these four legged companions to adoption.   Read more