Wilbur the Wildcat tells all

Before a crowd of 85,754 fans, Wilbur and Wilma Wildcat renew their marriage vows with President Robert Shelton presiding over the ceremony. The two UA mascots were originally wed during the halftime of the 1986 UA homecoming game, and this season marks their 20th wedding anniversary.

Over the weekend, Wilbur and Wilma Wildcat renewed their wedding vows for their 20th anniversary at the UA-Arizona State University football game.

President Shelton conducted the wedding during halftime. Wilma appeared in a white wedding gown and Wilbur in a tuxedo.

The UA cheer squad served as the ushers and the wedding party. After the vows were said, the two indulged in a kiss in front of UA fans.


Wilbur the Wildcat was introduced during the football season in 1959 as the first costumed student mascot and has stuck around ever since.

Wilma, Wilbur's wife, was created by accident. In 1986, costume designers were attempting to make a new costume for Wilbur, and instead created Wilma.

After her inception, the two quickly fell in love, and after a short courtship, they were married at the UA-ASU football game on Nov. 21, 1986.

Over the weekend, Wilbur the Wildcat answered questions from the Arizona Daily Wildcat about his relationship with Wilma via e-mail.

Wildcat: How did you guys first meet?

Wilbur: A blind date set up by the athletics director in '86.

Wildcat: Have there been any rocky times in the relationship?

Wilbur: The Navy boys did get to save Wilma when she fell overboard at the Holiday Bowl instead of me. That was a little upsetting.

Wildcat: Has Wilma ever had any other interest in another mascot?

Wilbur: Benny the Beaver has always had a thing for her, but she doesn't like the state of Oregon so it's not a problem.

Wildcat: How have the past 20 years of marriage been?

Wilbur: Twenty years of winning games and interacting with Arizona fans is even better with my wifey, and I can't imagine my life without her. We can only hope for an anniversary gift of another national championship this year, but a bowl game is a nice start!

Wildcat: Where is your favorite place to go on dates?

Wilbur: Cactus Grill, McKale food stop and O'Malley's.

Wildcat: Where will you go for your second honeymoon?

Wilbur: It's going to be either Hawaii or Vegas. 'Course it really depends on the bowl directors.

Wildcat: Do you both kiss the fans?

Wilbur: We show our love for all the fans, but at the end of the day we both go back to McKale with each other.

Wildcat: Do you have little cats? If no, why not? Will they be attending the UA?

Wilbur: It's definitely a possibility, and of course they'll go to UA!

Wildcat: What do you do in the summertime?

Wilbur: Most creatures hibernate in the winter, but considering our schedule, we hibernate in the summer.

Wildcat: Where do you live?

Wilbur: We have a private den in the stadium.

Wildcat: What are your favorite TV shows?

Wilbur: ""Heathcliff,"" ""Garfield and Friends,"" ""Sports Center.""

Wildcat: What is your favorite food?

Wilbur: Meow Mix and sometimes Chicken of the Sea.

Wildcat: Does Wilma do all the cooking, or do you cook too?

Wilbur: We eat out mostly. The lack of opposable thumbs is hard on household work.

Wildcat: What is your favorite place on the UA campus?

Wilbur: Arizona Stadium or McKale Center. Anywhere with excited UA fans.

Wildcat: What is your favorite music?

Wilbur: Anything by the Pride of Arizona (marching band) and definitely some bluegrass.

Wildcat: Have you had any illnesses, like fur balls?

Wilbur: Well, I tore my ACL when the Arkansas Razorback tackled me, and Wilma needed a lot of shots after falling into San Diego Bay. But we keep healthy with lots of excercise and a balanced diet.

Wildcat: What is your political party affiliation, Democats or Republicats?

Wilbur: Meow?

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