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Unreleased police reports may force Greek Life to halt Phi Psi investigation

Lisa Beth Earle | The Daily Wildcat Lisa Beth Earle/ Arizona Daily Wildcat Some of the missing Daily Wildcat papers lie crumpled spread across a road on Friday, Oct.8. About 10,000 copies were stolen from newsstands across campus on Thursday, Oct. 7 and only a few hundred have been found.

UA Greek Life's potential investigation into fraternity members' involvement in the mass theft of Daily Wildcat newspapers will automatically expire if UAPD does not release police reports on the incident by the end of the month.

About 10,000 newspapers were stolen from Daily Wildcat stands on Oct. 8. Several thousand of the stolen newspapers were found on the western outskirts of Tucson the next day, along with Spanish homework carrying the names of UA students Nick Kovaleski and Alex Cornell, who are both members of the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity.


The fraternity's president and vice president initially would neither confirm nor deny Phi Kappa Psi's involvement in the mass theft. Phi Kappa Psi President Keith Peters later told the Daily Wildcat the fraternity would be carrying out an internal investigation.

Greek Life is currently obligated to begin looking into the case because of the completion of an official complaint report finalized and filed by the Daily Wildcat to Greek Life on Monday. However, such an investigation would be largely incomplete without police reports of the incident, which were filed by the Daily Wildcat on Oct. 8 and 9, said Jenny Nirh, senior coordinator for Fraternity and Sorority Programs within Greek Life.

The Greek Judicial Board's deadline to conduct a hearing with the fraternity is Nov. 4. Such a hearing would be impossible without a full Greek Life investigation, complete with police reports, Nirh said.

4:54 p.m. update — The University of Arizona Police Department will not release the reports until the investigation is no longer ongoing, said Sgt. Juan Alvarez, UAPD public information officer.

Because subjects of Greek Life hearings must be notified a minimum of five days in advance of a hearing, UAPD would need to release the police reports by Oct. 30 in order for the organization to carry out a hearing with Phi Kappa Psi, she said.

Alvarez said he was unsure whether UAPD would be able close the case and make reports available by the Oct. 30 deadline.

Greek Life would normally be able to push the hearing back a week to Nov. 11, but since that day is Veteran's Day, the earliest possible hearing with the Greek Judicial Board would be Nov. 18, well past Greek Life's deadline to hold a hearing for the case, Nirh said.

""By then,"" she said, ""it would be too late.""

Arizona Student Media estimated a $8,500 loss in advertising revenue, printing and operation costs from the theft.

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