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Web site launch proves problematic


Launch of the new face of has been delayed indefinitely after it went up for less than an hour Sunday night, an official said.

A variety of technical issues, including slow performance and a faulty search function, contributed to the Web site being pulled down, said Kate Jensen, assistant VP for marketing. The retraction was a let-down after months of planning, Jensen said.


""We did the ta-da today and I'm sitting here trying to figure out whether we need to dial that back,"" she said.

The Web site has been viewable online for the last two months in an effort to gather feedback from the public, Jensen said.

Campus technology officials are unclear when the Web site will come back, Jensen said, but added that it could be as soon as Wednesday or Thursday.

""We were hopeful that this was moving forward in a thoughtful, rational way but we hit a little bump,"" she said.

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