ASUA appoints chief justice

Lisa Beth Earle | The Daily Wildcat Lisa Beth Earle / Arizona Daily Wildcat Elma Delic (far right), chair of the Arizona Student Association, speaks to students interested in becoming members of ASA during an ASA kickoff meeting in the Student Union's Rincon Room on Tuesday, Jan. 26. Attendees broke into action groups during the meeting to brainstorm, mingle, and network.

In the first week of the spring semester, the Associate Students of the University of Arizona appointed first-year graduate law student Jen Dang as a justice to the UA Supreme Court. This week they will re-appoint her to Chief Justice of the UA Supreme Court.

Today's ASUA meeting will be in the Ventana room of the Student Union Memorial Center at 5 p.m.


Current Chief Justice Melanie Rainer is unable to perform her duties this semester, and will relinquish her title to Dang, according to Emily Fritze, executive vice president of ASUA.

Also on the agenda, ASUA will plan an event to acknowledge all the people involved in the textbook rental project. Frank Farias, assistant vice president of Student Affairs and executive director of UofA Bookstores will partner with the Arizona Student Association's State-wide Chairman, Kenneth Strocsher, a political science and contemporary western-European politics junior to plan the event.

The textbook rental program was initiated to reduce students' textbook burden each semester. It was also designed to provide professors the option of scanning excerpts of books, instead of requiring students to buy entire textbooks, according to Tyler Quillin, an ASUA senator who participated in the program.

Since the launch of the textbook rental program, the number of book titles offered has increased from 20 titles to 400 titles.

""We've made significant strides toward the textbook rental program,"" Quillin said. ""[The presentation is] to commend the hard work of the people in the bookstore."" 

Farias will come prepared to update senators and students on the progress of the program.

Senators will also review and vote to approve the 12 budget items on the consent agenda.

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