Tucson's getting wet

Tim Glass | The Daily Wildcat Tim Glass / Arizona Daily Wildcat Campus felt a bit more like the midwest Thursday, January 28, as rain drizzled and temperatures dipped.

National Weather Service meteorologist Bill Turner's daughter had never seen an umbrella until Thursday, the peak of Tucson's recent heavy rainfall.

""This is probably going to rank as the eighth wettest January of all time,"" said National Weather Service lead forecaster John Glueck.  


As of 11 a.m. Thursday, Tucson International Airport received 0.18 inches of rain since Wednesday, he said.  

The UA campus received roughly the same rainfall as the Tucson International Airport.  

There were no reported road closures or floods, the National Weather Service said.  

Psychology senior Carolyn Parston expressed appreciation for the rainy weather.

""It's nice to see Tucson have a change in temperature every once in a while,"" Parston said.

Brian Lee, a South Korean exchange student, did not expect this kind of weather when he arrived in Tucson.

""I got here a month ago. This is the desert, yet it has been raining so much. The cold is a surprise for me. It's different than what I expected. I didn't bring my winter clothes with me,"" Lee said.

The weather should be pushing 70 degrees by Sunday, Turner said.  

There has been no reported snowfall in Tucson this week. Thursday's rain is likely the last of the El Niño storm until Feb. 4, when the weather is predicted to change again, Turner said.

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