UA running for Playboy's top party school

Gordon Bates | The Daily Wildcat Gordon Bates / Arizona Daily Wildcat Thursday night, students in their undies take over the UA Mall. The people playing soccer and rugby were shooed out of the way by a near birthday suit wearing stampede of college aged people. As an ice breaker for homecoming, hundreds of students signed up to run a round trip between Campbell and Park, starting on the UA Mall.

The question on Playboy's mind — is the UA the top party school in the country?

Voting has started for Playboy Magazine's ranking of the top party schools. Students are encouraged to nominate a school.


The magazine compiles a ranking system for the top-rated party schools across the nation every year.

Playboy's editors have a system that allows them to determine the most important factors in ranking the top party schools across the country.

UA was ranked number five in the 2009 edition of Playboy's Party School rankings.

An excerpt from the 2009 rankng reads, ""The Zona school that traditionally gets the love is ASU, and though we think Tempe is a great place to spend a three-day weekend, four years are better spent at U of A in Tucson. Consider some of its party names: Natural Disaster, Heaven and Hell, Fubar, Jungle Party. Sounds wild.""

The rankings are determined by the magazine's editorial staff based on informal surveys of college students, university alumni and Playboy's network of campus representatives at more than 50 schools nationwide.

Playboy has compiled these rankings four times and has decided to make it an annual feature.

The criteria for the rankings include campus, brains, sports, bikini index and sex.

According to Steve Mazeika, a publicist for Playboy Enterprises, ""The editors will also follow a mathematical format to determine the top schools. For example, the ‘campus' index uses an algorithm that includes multiplying and adding certain factors, such as number of bars, gallons of beer consumed per year in the state and total enrollment.""

Playboy does not only look into the overall party scene; it also considers other factors that promote the overall campus life of the universities.

It looks at the strength of the school's academic and athletic programs, in addition to the local music scene, school spirit and the general vibrancy of campus life. ""When compiling our party school rankings, our editors try to answer the question, ‘Where would someone who wants to live the Playboy lifestyle want to go to school?'"" Mazeika said.

Students can nominate their school by completing an online application.

Students who make strong cases may be featured on the Web site or possibly in an upcoming edition of Playboy.

Andrew Hatch, an undeclared sophomore, expressed his thoughts on the rankings and voting for UA. ""It is definitely nothing to be ashamed of, but I certainly would not go out of my way to vote for Arizona to be ranked by Playboy,"" he said.

Tiffany Rockman, an undeclared freshman, feels different.

""I came here for the entire college experience and a lot of people consider that part of the experience, so it's cool that we are ranked in that sense, but I also came here for the education and hot weather,"" she said.

The rankings also have an effect on potential incoming freshmen. A high school senior from Los Angeles, Samuel Sarshar, said, ""Once I found out the U of A was ranked on Playboy's Top Party Schools, I knew it was the place for me.""


--Student's can submit to Playboy's Party School Rankings by visiting

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