How to get A's in college: Managing stress

Need help with your grades? Here's some advice about stress, from the book ""How to Get A's in College"" (Hundreds of Heads Books,, $14.95), straight from people who've done it:



""College schedules can get really stressful. Sometimes I go to bed a little earlier and I'll wake up early — at 7:30 in the morning — and I'll go have a nice breakfast and have some time to think. That really helps.""

—Rida, Rederach, Pa.


""Whenever I got stressed, I would just go home. That was the beauty of living only 45 minutes away from school. Plus, my mom went to my college part-time to get her Master's degree, so I would see her twice a week. We would have a girls' day out at the mall and dinner. That always put a band-aid on my gunshot wounds.""

Jamae Terry
, St. Louis, Mo.


""I got into cycling my sophomore year. I would bike six to seven days a week, in the afternoons or evenings. Toward the end of the semester, course workload would get too busy. But I noticed that I felt better and it actually made studying a bit easier. As far as time management goes, things that feel like a waste of time can actually help you in the long run, even though you're not reading a book or studying.""

Jason Bruner
, Cartersville, Ga.


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