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CatMix: 5 songs to provide some consolation to the 'Cats

Steven Tyler

‘You're The Best Around'

Joe Esposito


Unfortunately, Coach Miller doesn't know any ancient Chinese healing techniques. Otherwise things might have gone a little smoother when Kobra Kai members from the UConn team swept the leg on Saturday. It's OK guys. We're sill the best around. No one's ever gonna get us down.

— Remy Albillar

‘Dream On'


This classic rock power ballad reminds us to stick by our team through thick and thin, and keep dreaming ‘til our dreams come true. And come on, there's nothing more soothing than Steven Tyler singing: ""Dream on / Dream on, AHHHH.""

— Miranda Butler

‘Everybody Hurts'


...especially on the UA campus. But the perspective of two years and an Elite Eight appearance for the ‘Cats make the subsequent lyric ""sometimes"" appropriate as well. There's always next year.

— Jazmine Woodberry

‘Sunday Morning Coming Down'

 Johnny Cash

In times of sorrow, there's no better musical companion than Johnny Cash.

The opening line — ""Well I woke up Sunday mornin' with no way to hold my head that didn't hurt"" — describes the perfect agony of every Wildcat fan's post-Elite Eight hangover. This one isn't exactly consoling so much as a musical excuse to revel in misery and maybe have a shot of whiskey as you cry into your cereal.

— Heather Price-Wright



Love. Nations. NCAA Championship bids. All must come crumbling down eventually. Donovan reminds us of this in the hippy-dippy spoken-word intro to his triumphant celebration of that which has been lost. He also has some good advice in there. ""Let us rejoice and let us sing / And dance and ring in the new / Hail Atlantis!""

— Brandon Specktor

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