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Choose your own spring break

For those of you who forgot to book your flight or just can't afford to hit up Cancún, mix and match from WildLife's spring break survival guide:

Cheap stay-cations


You don't need to leave T-town to relax your stressed soul. Here's how to chill on the cheap.

Pool-Hop at Tucson's resorts

As perennially broke college students, we rarely get to take advantage of Tucson's world-famous luxury resorts. But as grungy as this town is, it's home to a treasure trove of posh, beautiful resorts, complete with glittery pools and shiny pool boys. This spring break, hearken back to your high school hooligan days and ""borrow"" some resort pool time. If you walk confidently and look bangin' in a bathing suit you may be able to avoid detection for an hour or so of poolside bliss. The worst anyone's going to do is kick you out, and there's bound to be another resort just a short drive away.

— Heather Price-Wright

Explore Catalina State Park

After almost being developed into a residential area, the more than 5,000-square foot park attracts 170,000 visitors a year and for good reason. The park boasts trails such as the Canyon Loop and Romero Canyon trail, an equestrian center with eight corrals, 125 campsites and biking roads cyclists crave. Drive north on Oracle Road. Follow it when it turns into Arizona 77 and exit at Milepost 81. It costs $7 a vehicle.

— Jazmine Woodberry

Walk, talk with the animals

Who does not like to feed giraffes and visit Shombay and Kaya the lions? Get in touch with your childlike side or try it out as a first date — it says, ""Hey, I'm easy going and like to have fun whilst broadening my horizons about wildlife."" Find it at 1100 S. Randolph Way. It's open 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily. $7 per person. Call 791-4022 for more information.   

— Kim Kotel

Spelunk with tourists

Take a break from working on your tan and escape the hot Arizona sun by exploring what lies beneath the Earth's crust. Head out to 16721 E. Old Spanish Trail and take a tour of the Colossal Cave Mountain Park. Whether you feel adventurous or romantic, the park has a variety of tours to match your interests.

— Dallas Williamson

Hulu drinking games

We know you'll be binging on free TV during those lazy off-days. Why not raise the stakes and binge on something else?

""Grey's Anatomy""

Drink every time a pager goes off. Drink every time they show an establishing shot of the Space Needle or reference Seattle. Drink every time the characters drink — and twice if it's Chief Webber. Take a shot whenever characters have sex in the on-call room.

— Miranda Butler

""Modern Family""

Take a drink every time Claire and Phil have a problem communicating. Take a drink every time Gloria butchers an idiomatic expression. Take a shot (you'll need it) every time Haley makes you feel gross for being so into a high school girl. Take two shots for every sweet but unbelievable plot resolution. If Cam appears in a costume, finish the bottle.

— Heather Price-Wright

""The Bachelor""

Take a drink whenever one of the girls starts to cry. Take a shot every time Brad takes a deep breath and says that he doesn't want to hurt anyone, or that he has such a hard decision to make. Chug a beer whenever there is a melodramatic one-on-one conversation about finding love on national television.

— Dallas Williamson


Take a shot every time Rachel Berry overreacts, Quinn doesn't know what she really wants, Puckerman questions his newfound interest in ""bigger women"" or Sue Sylvester uses a simile or metaphor in conversation. Finish your drink every time someone breaks into song.

— Remy Albillar

""30 Rock""

Take a sip every time Jenna sings. Take a sip every time Pete Hornberger laments his family. Take a shot every time Liz Lemon has her mouth full or mentions Astronaut Mike Dexter. Finish your drink for every celebrity cameo.

— Brandon Specktor

Southwest Road Trips

Channel our ancestors and take a trek through the American Southwest.

Define ‘The Thing'  

In the wasteland between Tucson and New Mexico lies a legend. It's not ancient. It's not impressive. But it is … a thing. Take a day trip to Exit 322 on Interstate 10 and demystify this piece of rest stop lore, then grab some Dairy Queen.

— Brandon Specktor

Buy food from a truck

The food truck industries in Tucson and Phoenix are still growing, so it would be more worthwhile to head to Los Angeles. In the City of Angels, you can find heavenly mobile restaurants such as The Buttermilk Truck, which serves breakfast items based on its namesake, or The Grilled Cheese Truck, which creates all types of savory and sweet grilled cheese sandwiches.

— Steven Kwan

Leave your heart in Austin

If you have the time and patience to cross the interminable wasteland that is western Texas, head to Austin, the Lone Star state's lone bastion of hippy-dippy cool. It's like Tucson, only better. Spend some time on Sixth Street, the city's nightlife center and home to a smorgasbord of bars and clubs. Or, if you're more of a history buff, visit the Texas State Capitol, a weirdly giant, cupolaed building and a National Historic Landmark. The only problem with this road trip is how disappointed you'll be not to live in Austin when it's inevitably time to leave.

— Heather Price-Wright

Discover Hi Jolly's Tomb

There's nothing like driving to Quartzsite to visit the tomb of a Confederate mercantile camel pilot. With a shipment of 70 animals across the desert came Hadji Ali (codename Hi Jolly), a Syrian caretaker. Arizona Highways christened the site of his last camp and now you can waste a day learning about history and getting out of Tucson. Take the interstate to Exit 17, about half-mile east on Business 10, then turn north at the Hi Jolly Tomb sign. If you pass a flea market and a throng of people inexplicably enthusiastic about camels, you're in the right place.

— Jazmine Woodberry

Be in four states

Pull ""A Walk to Remember"" and be in more places than one. But do it better than Mandy Moore. Travel to the Four Corners — the only point where 4 U.S. states meet. Put one arm in New Mexico, the other in Colorado, and keep your feet in Arizona and Utah.  

— Dallas Williamson

Spring break with your parents

There's a fine line between childhood and adulthood. Milk both sides with the ‘rents this week.

Act like an adult

For some of us, it's easy to slide into our high school selves when we are home with our parents. Resist. Show them that you've changed for the better during your time away at college. (This rule applies even if you still live at home while in college.)

— Steven Kwan

Drink with ‘em!

Are you in that awkward and nebulous phase where your parents are becoming your ""friends""? Take advantage of the oldest spring break tradition there is and have a drink or four. As long as you can hold your liquor well enough not to act like a complete ass, sharing a few drinks with your parents might be just the bonding opportunity you all need. Plus, tipsy moms tend to be awesome.

— Heather Price-Wright

Eat out

Sure, it's nice when your mom bakes a home-cooked meal, but don't forget the luxury of dinner at a nice restaurant. As college students, expensive restaurants are oftentimes out of the question. So suggest going out to your favorite fancy dinner with the family. Your parents will appreciate the quality time, and since they're sure to foot the bill, you'll get a $30 meal for free.

— Miranda Butler

Either come home before they're in bed or sleep somewhere else

This will, indeed, keep the peace. No more cranky parents when they wake up to your stumbling ass at 3 a.m., or crazy parents when they think you've been abducted sometime during your night on the town. Happy parents, happy you.

— Kim Kotel

Tag along

When your mom heads to the grocery store, tag along. Load up on those goodies that you can't afford because you spent all of your money on alcohol. Oh, and make sure you buy extra to take back to school.

— Dallas Williamson

Use information as a weapon

The next the ‘rents get all up in your grill asking about your personal life and plans for the future, treat them to a really detailed description of your last party ""hook up"" encounter. They'll probably stop asking.

— Remy Albillar

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