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Your Views: Summer Edition

Letters and online comments to the Arizona Summer Wildcat

From “UA marijuana researcher fired unexpectedly” (by Hannah Plotkin, July 1)

We should not be surprised. Our state and federal politicians are willing to throw our U.S. military veterans under the bus so we can continue our war on certain politically selected drugs.

The DEA, the Drug Czar’s office and the National Institute on Drug Abuse and its employees are all prevented by law to investigate or research any of the benefits of cannabis consumption.

The above institution[s] are all huge bureaucracies and the goal of every bureaucracy is its continuation and expansion.

The re-legalization of cannabis would result in huge budget cuts for all these agencies. Marijuana prohibition is the foundation of our drug war.

Kirk Muse, Mesa, Ariz.

From “Cyclist safety continues to be major concern surrounding streetcar tracks” (by Emilee Hoopes, July 8)

The tracks limit the cyclists ability to maneuver. Drivers should be aware of their situation but the streetcar isn’t making anything better. Having been a bicyclist around the university/downtown area for many years, it’s disappointing to see the streetcar go in vs. improving bike-ways that thousands of Tucson commuters already use.


From “FIJI placed under interim suspension pending UA investigation” (by Ethan McSweeney and Hannah Plotkin, July 9)

Truthfully, would the fraternities be what they are today without the underage drinking? It isn’t called a “frat party” for nothing. Are we naive enough to think that all hazing has been eradicated? (Kicking a pledge—-that’s violent. Having him clean the house after parties? That’s pretty standard?)

Understandably so, all of these violations break the dean of student’s code of conduct but FIJI is not unique by breaking these rules: all the fraternities are.

An awful shame about that student who fell from La Paz but it is not FIJI’s fault and this sanction will deeply hurt them with upcoming rush.


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