Thrill seekers, don't miss these rides

Spring Fling Ride Map
This map includes of the rides, booths and vendors that the 2018 Spring Fling will feature. Spring Fling's most popular rides include the Mach One, the Big Wheel, Insanity and G-Force.

The stars of this years’ Spring Fling are the food, the carnival games, the performers and, of course, the rides. Above is a map of all the rides and where they’ll be located.

Colors blend together in a long-exposure picture of the Ferris wheel at Spring Fling.


Big Wheel is the fair’s Ferris wheel, shown in the long exposure picture above. It features two-seat “gondolas” that slowly rise up to give a view of the entire fairground and campus.


Because all of the rides turn their lights on at night, the best time to ride this is when the sun goes down. However, this is when the line is at it’s longest. For the view, however, it’s worth it.

This ride is good for fair-goers who are more squeamish about being turned upside-down or spun around at high speeds.

It’s also an optimal spot for students out on a date as a romantic spot to talk — and perhaps share a kiss.

Riders are flung through the sky on the Mach One ride at Spring Fling.


Mach One is daunting because of its sheer size. Stretching over 100 feet in the air, two riders sit back to back with two other riders on one side of the arm. When the arm spins, riders are flipped by the moving seats that turn upside-down over and over. When riders dismount at the bottom, other riders are waiting at the top. 

To get a view of campus, sit on the side closest to the line. To get a view of Tucson and the lit-up rides, sit on the side farthest from the line.

Riders smile as they swing up in the air as they ride G-Force at Spring Fling.


G-Force spins riders to the tune of pop music that blasts from speakers attached to the base of the ride. Riders sit in groups of four and, after they are strapped in, the floor of the ride descends to give room for riders’ legs to dangle. The ride spins and swings higher and higher until riders are swinging parallel to the ground. 

During peak-visitor hours, G-Force has extremely long lines. To ride this multiple times in a row, go during the day.

For the thrill seeker, some rides are better than others, such as the Mach One or Insanity, which is another ride that will be at this year's Spring Fling. However, other rides are slower paced for riders who might be scared. Either way, rides are a large part of Spring Fling, and make the fair what it is today.

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