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Bethany Guerra | The Daily Wildcat A barista serves a costumer at Espresso Art Cafe located on University Blvd. There is an array of coffee shops around campus for students to enjoy.

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For students who enjoy a good cup of joe or a latte every once in a while, here are the need-to-know coffee locations on and around campus. 

Espresso Art Café


Located in Main Gate Square, this cafe strives for an international coffee house vibe. 

Espresso-based drinks are modeled after coffee brewed in Paris and Vienna. The Chuck Norris, a staff recommendation, is made of blended caramel, coffee bean chunks and white chocolate. 

This cafe has a section for studying and a section for socializing. The manager the cafe explained that the place has an "international coffee house" vibe. 

There are areas that would suit someone studying on their own and also areas for those who have come to socialize. A piano near the door can be played by anyone, and it is not unusual to see people sitting outside strumming their guitars.

Dunkin' Donuts

Located in Main Gate Square on the southeast corner of Tyndall Avenue and University Boulevard, this coffee shop is well-known for its doughnut selection and sweet coffee. 

This shop is perfect for students with a sweet tooth. The brown sugar cold brew is a summer favorite, and this location also serves ice cream year-round. 

If you bring your own cup, they will fill it up and charge you for a small coffee, iced or hot. 

Coffee Shops Caffe Luce
Customers inside of Caffe Luce, a local Tucson coffee shop located on Park Avenue north of University Boulevard. The cafe displays a variety art and offers many drinks including coffee, tea and Italian sodas.

Caffé Luce

Located on Park Avenue near Panera, this coffee shop is both homey and relaxed.

The spot has a wide variety of menu items including the Caffe Luna, a dark roast with maple and dark chocolate notes popular among students.

Locally owned and operated, it also has local art that decorates the walls. Music plays softly in the background, making this cafe welcoming to students looking for a cozy study spot.

With a second location downtown, Caffe Luce is a favorite among students. 

The Scoop

Located in the Student Union Memorial Center and south of the UA Bookstore, this Shamrock Farms creamery has a variety of coffees that use only Shamrock Farms products.

The caramel macchiato and the cold brew with milk are two of the most ordered drinks, and the cafe also sells Shamrock ice creams and Rockin' Fuel protein shakes.

Open from 7:30 a.m. until 3 p.m., all drinks are served with "the purest, freshest milk from Shamrock Farms," according to their website.

Cartel Coffee Lab

Cartel Coffee Lab is located in downtown Tucson and offers a unique scene for students and locals alike. The coffee lab is well known for its artistic decor and open mic night events that include poetry slams. 

The Cartel Cold Brew Skinny is one of the most popular drinks, especially in the hotter months, because it is both refreshing and energizing. Each Cartel bag, cup and product is carefully curated, according to their website. 

“I write a lot and this place is perfect for a writer, I feel like this place encourages that side of me,” said Samantha Quinoz, who enjoys the coffee served at Cartel.

Epic Café

Located on the corner of historic Fourth Avenue and University Boulevard, this coffee shop serves locally roasted coffee as well as espresso drinks, lemonades and homemade pastries and desserts. 

Epic Cafe has all the charm of Fourth Avenue culture, with colorful painted walls and quotes about the power of coffee.

Favorites include the Coffee Milkshake, which blends the right amount of sweet with the perfect amount of caffeine.

The cafe also serves soups, sandwiches and breakfast. Sam, a barista at Epic Cafe, explains how popular the Naughty Toddy is among students because it is a notoriously strong cold brew balanced with some half and half. 

She says the Epic Cafe is preferred because of how cozy, laid-back and welcoming it is to the students.

Coffee Shops Shot in the Dark
The Shot in the Dark Caffe is located in downtown Tucson on E Broadway Blvd. Shot in the Dark Caffe is a 24 hour coffee shop that welcomes all people to try their coffee.

Shot in the Dark

Collectively owned and operated since 2007, this cafe has become a Tucson fixture.

Located at 121 E. Broadway Blvd. and open 24 hours, this coffee shop makes a great place for breakfast before class, an afternoon study spot or even a good late night place for food.

Shot in the Dark is known for its Peanut Butter Mocha and its Dirty Chai. 

Tucson native Jesse Green said the Peanut Butter Mocha is his favorite drink, and he comes there for the authentic Mexican style omelettes that pair well with a cup of coffee.

Other Locations

Other coffee places include the Starbucks locations on campus, Chocolate Iguana on Fourth Avenue, Whoops on University Boulevard and Einstein's Bros. Bagels in the SUMC.

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