EDITORIAL: Wildcat Winners: Who's got the best everything around UA?

Daily Wildcat editors Eddie Celaya and Janelle Ash introduce you to our newest video series "CatBites," where they explore the food and culture around the University of Arizona.

Journalists pride themselves on attaining access to things the public either might not have any idea about or, as is more often the case, might not have the time and resources to do. Sometimes that means access to a sold-out political rally. Sometimes it means sampling all the foods.

Frog and Firkin serve BBQ chicken wings and pizza to attendees. The restaurant is styled after a British pub, offering food and craft beer on University Boulevard near the UA.

This semester, the Daily Wildcat will be doing something different. Similar to other, larger and less fun publications in town, we’ll be publishing a special issue celebrating the academics, food and culture that makes the University of Arizona (and its surrounding areas) special.

We call it “Wildcat Winners.” While we’re currently working out the kinks in how exactly voting will work, rest assured, your voice will be heard for topics ranging from Best Pizza to Best Professor. 

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As an added bonus, the special issue, coming in early April, is only part of the story. For each category, we’ll be rolling out a series of mixed media content.

Starting with “Cat Bites,” where our staff picks of some of the most popular and delicious fare the UA area has to offer, we will be rolling out weekly videos, interviews and podcasts highlighting the finest offerings around UA.

Courtesy photo of a fresh burger from Spoon University. Spoon University is starting a chapter at the UA, which will go live Friday, Feb. 19.

The series begins this week with a three-part journey hosted by editors Eddie Celaya and Janelle Ash exploring Tucson’s favorite street food: the Sonoran Hot Dog. More content focusing on pizza, ice cream and late night burritos will follow.

So now, on top of covering groundbreaking research and impactful political decisions, the Daily Wildcat will be covering the content you need to stay up to date, informed and well fed. Bear (and chow) Down!

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