Five top spots to sit and study

Alana Minkler | The Daily Wildcat Peter Mandybur reads on the Freedom Hill in front of the Administration Building. He is an alumnus who studied communications and found this was one of the best places to relax.

An assortment of study spots is an important asset you will use in your college life, so try out many locations until you find a fair set that work for you.

"You just need to find where you're comfortable and then, more than anything, you need to mix it up. [Look at] lots of locations and find your favorites," said Riley Campbell, a senior studying biomedical sciences. "I think going to the same spot and seeing the same things over and over gets kind of monotonous and exhausting."

Here are some popular locations that students recommend.

Freedom Hill


The grassy hill in front of the Administration Building is a great place to study, have a picnic or catnap in the sun. Students often chill out, talk, eat or do school work here on a nice day.

Peter Mandybur, an alumnus who studied communications, said this hill was one of his favorite study spots as a student.

"Most of the time, it's very peaceful and it's got nice grass and shade. And in Arizona, you don't always see that, so I think it's a pretty unique spot," Mandybur said.

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He said it’s not the best place to study when hate preachers like "Brother" Dean Saxton would come during the school year and crowds of students would gather to yell.

"I think the outdoor spot combined with people just wanting to relax makes it really unique compared to other spots," Mandybur said.

Eighth floor of the Meinel Optical Sciences Building

Study Spots

Riley Campbell studies on the eight floor of the Optical Sciences Building.He said he loves the view here.

The eighth floor of the Meinel Optical Sciences Building has what some claim as the best view on campus.

Campbell said he knows when he’s stressed out he can look out the windows, take a deep breath and enjoy the view.

To Campbell, a great view is what makes a great study spot. "Even like the top of the library, here, different spots outside, really anywhere to mix things up and do something different and kind of keep you feeling refreshed," he said.

The eighth floor is unique because it not only has a study room with huge glass windows, but it has a balcony overlooking the entire mall.

The USS Arizona Lounge

study spots
Mahmoud Wahab studies in the U.S.S Arizona Lounge. He likes this room because it is discreet and quiet.

This lounge is hidden behind a pair of golden doors right across from The Scoop in the Student Union Memorial Center. The lounge is dedicated to showcasing memorabilia and documents from seamen and families of those that died on the USS Arizona. The space has comfortable arm chairs and a model of the ship itself.

Mahmoud Wahab, a junior physiology student, studies here often, especially while he waits around to get picked up from the Student Union cul-de-sac. He said it’s not as well-known because it’s discreet and looks like it’s for visitors rather than students.

"It's quiet and it's got some cool stuff to look at when your mind is wondering," Wahab said.

Slot Canyon Café

Study Spots

Slot Canyon Cafe, a sophomore student studying physiology, studies at this cafe often. 

The Slot Canyon Café is located on the first floor of the Environment and Natural Resources 2 Building. It is open Monday through Thursday from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. They serve espresso, a variety of teas, paninis and pastries.

The indoor area has lots of outlets and study spaces, and there is also an outdoor seating area in the front where students can enjoy the ENR2 building’s plants, unique architecture and shade while they do their homework.

First floor of the Main Library

The first floor of the library is unique from the rest of the library because it is partially connected to the Manuel Pacheco Integrated Learning Center. Half of the first floor has glass walls facing the underground outside area, creating a naturally-lit and modern space.

There are computers open for student use, a multimedia zone, collaborative study rooms, technology to borrow and 3D printing.

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Rachel Nach, a junior history student, said the first floor is one of her favorite spaces.

"I find it very collaborative,” Nach said. “You can be loud. You can talk. You can focus and be quit."

This summer, the first floor will begin the remodeling process to create part of the Student Success District from May 2019 until January 2020.

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