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GUEST LETTER: UA vs. UCLA home game bacchanalia! MADD where are you?

UA fans tailgated on the mall before Arizona’s season opener against UNLV at Arizona Stadium. Then greeted the team on Cherry Avenue for the Wildcat Walk.

Another home game bacchanalia.

As a teacher, I have learned that repetition, even repetition ad nauseam, is an effective teaching strategy.

The University of Arizona and [Arizona Department of Liquor Licenses and Control] have acted dangerously and irresponsibly in encouraging an underage community that has, generally, a proclivity to drink and party.

Let the bacchanalia begin, for the UA and UCLA home game, on the mall before the game, A.K.A. tailgating, and continue in the stadium during the game to insure that these fans "enjoy themselves."


I.e., getting drunk and staying drunk!

A primary responsibility of UA President Dr. Robert C. Robbins and ABOR is the health and safety of UA students. By permitting the pre-game bacchanalia on the mall and drinking in the stadium, they are putting at risk both students and those exposed to these fans driving "under the influence."

MADD, where are you?

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The UA is all about money! A for-profit business organization; From vendor-provided food services out of reach of many students who cannot afford the cost of eating on campus, Arizona Constitution violations and resident tuition to the sale of alcohol on campus!!

You want change? Actively organize and protest!

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