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OPINION: Juul's are the better alternative

Creative Commons | The Daily Wildcat The FDA will ban the sale of flavored JUUL pods and other flavored e-cigarettes if the companies cannot demonstrate they are able to stop underage consumption. While the motive looks honest, the FDA is just feeding its own pockets and the wishes of big tobacco.

I want to start off this article by saying vaping can be very addictive and isn’t good for you. The only thing meant to go into anyone’s lungs is oxygen. With that, I also wanted to say banning e-cigarettes is not the solution to the youth epidemic of vaping. Banning anything is never the solution to problems that are going on throughout the world. People are still going to find ways to get vaping products even if they are unsafe and dangerous to their health.

Lately in the news, there have been reports of people going to the hospital and dying from vaping. The people that have been going to the hospital have been addicted to vaping for a couple years and take hits from it constantly throughout the day. However, it is important to note that several of the cases of people dying due to vaping also had underlying health conditions. Health officials are still trying to figure out what exactly is causing the illnesses to occur, but they think it’s vitamin E acetate. 

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Vaping is supposed to be a new and healthier solution to people trying to quit smoking cigarettes because its products don’t have nearly as many chemicals as traditional cigarettes. The reason people are ending up in the hospital is because of how addictive they can be and because of how much nicotine is in a single pod.


Juul, probably the most recognizable vaping brand to-date puts 5% nicotine in a single pod. That’s equivalent to about a pack of cigarettes. Many of the cases of teens being hospitalized for lung damage are due to going through an entire pod every two days, just like Chance Ammirata, who admitted that in an interview for the Daily Mail. Just for comparison, I know people who I believe to vape a lot and it usually takes them a couple days to go through an entire pod. Another reason why certain people are getting so sick and end up dying is because of cheaper pods online that aren’t made by Juul but look the same and aren’t nearly as healthy.

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Just by doing a quick Google search, you can find pods online that are half as expensive as the real product. These pods usually have more chemicals and are way worse for your health. Another reason why people are getting so addicted is because of how easily they can be purchased and because of how vaping products market themselves. With flavors that remind people of candy, and the feeling it gives someone, it’s no wonder why so many people are addicted to them, especially teenagers and young adults. 

Vaping is still relatively new and doctors aren’t going to know what the actual causes of these emergencies are for at least a couple more years. But that doesn’t mean people should keep vaping just for fun. It’s a very serious and dangerous habit that was just meant to help people get away from cigarettes. I still don’t think banning them all together is the right solution. Especially with online shopping and global shipping, people are always going to be able to get what they want even if it is more dangerous. Just look at prohibition in the 1920s for example. 

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