Succession Finale Preview: HBO has its GoT successor in Succession

IMDb | The Daily Wildcat Jeremy Strong plays the role of Kendall Roy, the troubled former heir to his father’s entertainment conglomerate, in “Succession” (2018).

When "Game of Thrones" ended back in May, people were wondering what would be the next show to take over HBO. After some searching, I think they’ve found it in the business and family drama "Succession." 

"Succession" follows the Roy family, headed by their father Logan Roy (Brian Cox), who is the CEO of the largest media conglomerates in the nation, Waystar Royco. As his health and fitness to run the company starts to come into question, Logan Roy's family starts leveraging their qualifications and skills to become the next chairman of the company. 

What makes this show so great but sometimes so dark is the family dynamic. All of these siblings are trying to poach the company from their father and from one another. Even in times where they might be putting their money and power-hungry ambitions aside, you never know when and if they are trying to backstab each other.

Logan Roy (Brian Cox), Marcia Roy (Hiam Abbass and Kendall Roy (Jeremy Strong) in “Succession” (2018) on HBO. The show follows family politics of the powerful Roy family.

As "Game of Thrones" was revolved around families feuding with other families, "Succession" focuses on what it would be like if siblings and in-laws and cousins all tried to go behind each others' backs for their own benefit. 

"Succession" is in its second season right now, with the finale premiering this Sunday, Oct. 13. 

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**Spoiler alert: The main plot point of this season has been the sexual assault and rape allegations against the head of the cruise line section of the company, with last week's episode being centered around the members of the company testifying in front of the Supreme Court. 

It is sure to be a knockout finale because Logan proposes to his daughter that the only course of action to come out unscathed, is through a blood sacrifice. This means that someone is appointed to take the fall for everything in order for the company to still have a future. 

This sparks plenty of theories as to whom it may be, with Kendall (Jeremy Strong), the second son of Logan's second marriage, debatably being the odds-on favorite.

My guess would be that it isn’t going to be Kendall, as that seems to be the obvious choice. I personally think it is going to be the eldest sibling Connor (Alan Ruck). He is an outsider of the siblings, with the least craving and ambition to one day be atop the ranks at Waystar Royco. 

However, whatever happens in the finale is sure to be crazy and intense, with Logan having to pick one of his own family members to take the fall for serious rape allegations and most certainly jail time. 

Brian Cox plays Logan Roy, the father of four children who all fight for power over his media empire, in “Succession” (2018).

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"Game of Thrones" was not only nominated for a whopping 14 Emmy Awards for its final season, but it also won 9 of them. So those are some big shoes to fill for another HBO show looking to become the talk of the town. 

If HBO would put just 25 percent of the marketing they put toward "Game of Thrones" into "Succession," it would certainly blow up in the television world. But for now, it remains somewhat of an underrated show. 

In question about the next show to rule after "Game of Thrones," HBO doesn’t need to look any further for its successor — it already has one with "Succession."

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