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Behind the Beaker: the DW science podcast highlights scientists and their work in the UA community. Weekly shows are available everywhwere you stream podcasts including Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

SEASON 4 is now Available!!!!!!!

Even during a pandemic the team at the Daily Wildcat has found ways to tell amazing stories for our community. This season, Behind the Beaker, features hosts, Udbhav Venkataraman and Jillian Bartsch both DW science reporters ready for a jam-packed season of science fun!

Behind the Beaker is a science podcast created by Alex Pere, about the unbelievable science and even more unbelievable scientists behind it at the University of Arizona. Available on Spotify, Apple Podcast or anywhere you stream podcasts! Weekly episodes feature scientists from across the board. 

This podcast is a Daily Wildcat production in association with Arizona Student Media. The Daily Wildcat is "online all the time, at" Share, Rate and Comment!


Behind the Beaker Episodes:


Alone with your thoughts: A mental health study

Mental Health Compilation from Season 4

Rocket Science, Resilience, and Robust Decision Making

Curiosity killed the cat  

Mars, smectites, and out of this world research  

When there is passion, there's a way

Floods, droughts, and rising temperatures 

It's ok to take your time, nobody actually knows what they are doing 

The reality of being a STEM major

Season 4 Trailer


Fruit flys, oh my!

Insect brain evolution

A voice for nature

Oh, memories!

Diving deeper into grief

A look into the Ancient World

Climate change: A look around the world

Save the butterflies

The power of active listening 

Lets talk public health

Another Earth?

EYE can't believe this!

All things blood related

What's going on with water in Arizona?

WATER you thinking? Can you ARCHI-tell me?

Lights, Camera, Photons


'Wherever You Go, I'll Follow' - The Story of Microorganisms

Diving deeper into migration, food and craft beer

The Diversity of the definition of Health and Healthcare

The science of Food Safety

You may be immune, but for how long? The AZ HEROES Study

Out of this World Asteroid Talk

Poop Does Not Lie

Season 2 Trailer


There is more out there than academia kids

Mutualism, Cheating, and bees aren't angels

Fires, climate change, tree rings.. Oh my!

PHDs aren't everything and wait............ we still use weather balloons?

Space Rocks and Board Games, Professor Dante Lauretta

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