The Al Jisr Podcast: Episode 1 — Passions


The Al Jisr Podcast is one part of a nine-month cultural exchange program between the University of Arizona School of Journalism,  University of Aden, Hadramout University, Taiz University and University  of Saba Region. Podcasts are produced through the efforts of students who attend these universities, focusing on audio production education, journalistic practices, and global media.

The first episode, titled "Passions," focuses on the passions and joys students have.

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Al Jisr | The Bridge is a collaboration among students and faculty from four public universities in Yemen and faculty and students at The University of Arizona. Students from University of Aden, Hadramout University, Taiz University, University of Saba Region and the UA are participating in this nine-month cultural exchange project that includes talking about media practices in Yemen and the U.S.

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