COLUMN: Alex's music roundup April 5

Pascal Albright | The Daily Wildcat Alex's Weekly Roundup is a weekly column where Opinions writer Alexzandria Martinez goes over the top new music each week.

This week will have music from the indie/alternative genre from well-known artists that have come into a new era of themselves. 


Wallows - Tell Me That It’s Over 


Los Angeles-based band Wallows have released their second album Tell Me That It’s Over. The band has three best friends who have been close since their youth. This album has a youthful nature and is supposed to be their “most approachable” album according to lead singer Dylan Minnette. Tell Me That It’s Over tells the story of their youth coming to an end, which is similar to their last effort Nothing Happens, but also dealing with heartache from adulthood. The album as a whole feels incomplete and I feel as if it was rushed. 

The lyricism is the best part of this album. The lyrics note the anxiety of coming of age and nuance of past and present relationships. 

Notable lyrics include, “A face in the crowd and you're not around, it's fading,” and, “Allow me to be a form of myself I've always wanted to see.” The lyrics entail the angst and the lack of regard for time from the members, wishing they could make time stop and relive the feeling during their youth, perhaps the hope they once had. 

The production feels too grainy and loses the insight of many of the lyrics while in song. The production incorporates experimental music with an 80’s hook through the track listing. 

The band was going for an easy listen, I feel as if it's slightly hard to relax with this one, and Tell Me That It’s Over feels like the breaking point between their youth and adulthood. 

Rating: 3/5

Best Songs: "At the End of the Day," "Permanent Price," "Hard to Believe" 


Still Woozy and Remi Wolf - "Pool"

The best track to be released last week is a collaboration between Still Woozy (Sven Eric Gamsky) and Remi Wolf. Both musicians have smooth and soft vocals that go well with the chord progression in the song. In this track we are introduced to a new friendship that becomes hard to forget one day while sitting at a pool. The track implies the way one casual conversation can cause this shift in your life, you weren't prepared for, one person can make you reconsider what you’ve been doing. “Pool” is a chill tune, with a complex, but beautiful meaning.

Soccer Mommy - "Shotgun"

Soccer Mommy (Sophia Regina Allison) has released a new single for upcoming album Sometimes, Forever. “Shotgun” has an edge with the gritty base line that captures your attention immediately. There is subtlety with the back guitars, while Allison pours her heart out calling herself a shotgun to her lover’s bullet. This new release makes me excited for the entire album and seems to go for the theme of being a ride-or-die type of person for the one person you truly want to be with. Unlike previous singles from last year, Allison has knocked it out with this one. 

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