OPINION: Graduating college is a big deal, be proud of yourself

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Over the past four years we have been growing and learning how to become adults, living through a pandemic and adjusting to challenges and changes that we have been faced with along the way, all while working towards earning a degree. Graduating college is a huge accomplishment and milestone in our lives. 

Each year friends and family fly in from around the country to cheer for their loved ones as they are honored at their graduation ceremony. Graduation is a special memory that will be remembered forever, and many people want to be a part of that and show love to graduates on their big day.

College commencement ceremonies are important and special for each graduate who attends. The ceremonies are a way to celebrate our accomplishments and sit beside our peers and friends that have been by our side one last time before we all go our separate ways. Commencement marks the end of a big chapter in our lives. 

The University of Arizona explains how commencement is more than just a ceremony.


“Commencement is more than a ceremony. It’s an experience unlike any other celebrating your next step in life. Wonder led you to this moment. And we can’t wait to see where wonder will take you next,” as stated on the University of Arizona commencement website

Making it to graduation day, walking across the stage and transforming from students to alumni is an accomplishment that a small percent of the population completes. Four-year institutions have a graduation rate of about 60.4% and about 39% of adults have a bachelor's degree or higher, according to Education Data Initiative.  

“The University of Arizona is a place of wonder where you can do the extraordinary with extraordinary people,” as stated on the University’s about us page.

College is a place that helps us learn, grow and figure out who we are and who we want to be. The University of Arizona has given us a place to do this with extraordinary people that we cross paths with along our journey to commencement, earning our degrees and growing from young students to adults ready to enter “the real world”. 

Yes, graduating college is about earning a degree and learning skills to help in your future career. However, it is also more than that. College is also four years of hard work, dedication, growth and challenges that we have overcome. 

The ups and downs of the college experience are what help create lasting memories and friendships. The challenges and the successful moments that we encounter help us to grow and become the people we are meant to be in life. 

It’s safe to say that most of us are leaving college as older and more mature adults and are much different than the person we were when we first stepped foot on campus freshman year. 

As we graduate college and leave the place that we called home for the past four years behind, it's important to take a moment to be proud of ourselves and our accomplishments. 

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