Five local shops to visit only a Sun Link ride away from campus

Sohi Kang | The Daily Wildcat

A Sun Link streetcar on Fourth Avenue.                             

Looking for new places to shop? Downtown Tucson has a lot to offer from Fourth Avenue to the MSA Annex. All these local shops are a Sun Link ride away from the University of Arizona. 

The Sun Link is a streetcar that is offering free transportation for everyone, including students, until Dec. 31. All five of the following shops are local. Shopping local not only helps keep these businesses rolling, but they can offer unique pieces that can’t be found anywhere else. Here are five local shops to check out if you are a new or returning student!

Tucson Thrift Shop: 319 N. Fourth Ave.


Tucson Thrift Shop sells a range of styles spanning decades and is located on 319 N. Fourth Ave. 


Looking for a new place to shop that isn't the Goodwill or some high-end fashion boutique? Well, look no further than Tucson Thrift Shop. Located on Fourth Avenue, the shop offers so many styles from the ‘50s to the early 2000s, and they even offer costumes. If you're looking for an early Halloween costume or just want to dress up a little bit, they offer all sorts of clothing, jewelry, hats, shoes — you name it! It's a little pricey, but the drip is real.

Rustic Candle Company: 324 N. Fourth Ave.

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Rustic Candle Company, located on 324 N. Fourth Ave., sells handmade candles and a variety of related items.

The Rustic Candle Company offers a variety of wax melts, sages and candles. They also sell crystals, incense and candle holders! It is a great local place if you want to find a new scent that isn’t Bath & Body Works. All the candles are handmade in the shop, so you never know what kind of new scent might be there. 

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Aquamarine Daydream: 408 N. Fourth Ave.

Are you a crystal lover? Look no further! Aquamarine Daydream is the nearest crystal shop from the university and offers a variety of cool crystals. Whether it's the tiny ones, earrings, pendants to wear on a necklace or even huge ones to spruce up your dormitory or apartment and cleanse the energy in the place that you live in, they've got them all!

Antigone Books: 411 N. Fourth Ave.


Antigone Books, a women-owned, solar-powered independent bookstore, features book recommendations by category.

Looking to spice up your library? Head over to Antigone Books. The women-run book shop on Fourth Avenue offers quite a lot of books in a variety of genres. Whether it’s LGBTQ+ representation or a mystery novel you want to re-read, they've got it all. They also sell cool leather-bound journals and awesome knick-knacks for you to have around!

Why I Love Where I Live: 267 S. Avenida del Convento #6 (MSA Annex)

Want some fancy Tucson-based decorum or to send souvenirs back to your family from Tucson? Why I Love Where I Live, a shop in the MSA Annex, has a lot of cool nontraditional and traditional types of souvenirs to show off or send back to your friends and family. With drawings or photos of the Tucson landscape, amazing earrings, magnets and awesome local art, this shop is one of the non-traditional souvenir shops. 

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