GAME BLOG: No. 24 Arizona at No. 25 UCLA


Arizona finally worked its way up into the red zone, Ka’Deem Carey finished off the drive. 2-yard touchdown run. Wildcats trail 45-10.

Rose Bowl is still pretty filled out. Not something you’d see at Arizona Stadium….and probably won’t at that 11:30 a.m. homecoming game.

Game. From. Hell.

Matt Scott hurt in the end zone, being helped off the field. Vanilla Vick watch 2012.


Our video guy, Tyler Besh, is a superstar. Already made a video recap of the first half. Check it out might be ugly, but here’s a video recap of the first half. Arizona went into halftime trailing 42-3. Check it out.


Arizona getting more yards on pass interference penalties than actual offense. Second half underway. Can the Wildcats at least chip away at the lead? Maybe?

Positive yardage would be a nice step.


Arizona trails 42-3 at halftime. Oops.


UCLA is either really good….Arizona is really bad…..or both….or neither. Who knows anymore.

Another TD. UCLA leads 42-3, and it’s not even halftime.


Soooo uhhhh, when’s the football game starting? This doesn’t look like football like i remember it.

The wee-Garic Wharton makes a physical, tough catch. Impressive. The dude weighs as much as me. I’m 5-foot-8, 155-160 pounds. He’s 5-11, 160.

Arizona lucks out on a pass interference call on third down. First down, but then an illegal formation. Just a sloppy game all around. This team just can’t seem to handle the road, and the tough crowds that are laced across the Pac-12, which the Wildcats unfortunately don’t even hold a candle to.

Luck, UCLA penalties really the only reason why Arizona even made it to the red zone. Wildcats finish off the drive with a 28-yard field goal. Trail 28-3.


Arizona opens with a sack, but UCLA follows it up with a 30-yard completion.

They Wildcats are finally able to make a stop…..then the Richard Morrison of old returns. Muffed punt. UCLA recovers. Remember that time he scored a punt touchdown? No?

And then…….a wide-open Jerry Johnson brings the ball within the 5-yard line…Jared Tevis completely misses the tackle on the play as well.

UCLA finishes off the drive with a 1-yard touchdown run. 28-0.


Arizona needed four downs to avoid it’s fourth straight third-and-out. Got a first down on a Ka’Deem Carey run.

On the next play, Dan Buckner lit up on an attempted (and failed catch), but defender called for a “targeting” penalty. What is that….

Arizona fails to make anything of it. Dugandzic getting some reps. Bouncing back from the early mishap. Rugby punt to UCLA’s 8.

END FIRST: UCLA- 21, Arizona- 0.


Sione Tuihalamaka with a face mask penalty on third down…would have been Arizona’s first stop. UCLA running the ball with ease. Tackling has been what RichRod and co. have discussed all week. Can’t seem to tackle…..shame, shame, shame.

Hundley throws a perfect fade to Jordan Payton. 21-0 lead. Can those Pac-12 South champ talks be put to rest now? Maybe?

BTW, former Arizona recruit Devin Fuller is playing for UCLA, has two catches for five yards. He’s comedian Sinbad’s nephew (he of Jingle All the Way fame).


Some numbers from the first two drives for you:
UCLA: 103 yards
Arizona: 9

UCLA had eight first downs, to Arizona’s 0.

Doesn’t appear to be changing at all either…Hundley is accurate. Franklin is poweful. Arizona can’t tackle. Not a great formula for success.


QB Brett Hundley brings it in himself for UCLA. Early 14-0 lead. Not first time this has happened for UA (see: Oklahoma State), but still not promising.

The O-line has done a good job all season…..until now. Matt Scott sacked. Things not going so well. Maybe give Ka’Deem the ball a bit more Rich Rod?

Two straight three-and-outs. This is feeling way too similar to the Oregon game. At least Dugandzic bounced back on the punt, kicking it into UCLA’s 20-yard line.


Kyle Dugandzic has been nothing but solid for the Wildcats this seeason at punter….until just now. After a three-and-out, he shanks a punt and only kicks it 18 yards, keeping UCLA in Arizona’s zone. Things are looking dicey so far. Arizona needs to wake up.


Jonathan Franklin slices and dices for a UCLA touchdown. 37 yards and he becomes UCLA’s all-time rushing leader. Franklin is a stud. Arizona is in trouble today. Ka’Deem, you’re up. 7-0 UCLA.


We’re here in Los Angeles at the Rose Bowl, and boy the weather is beautiful. This press box is nice. Space to move around, rolley chairs.

Food doesn’t quite match up with Autzen Stadium (in Eugene, Ore.), but that’s an unfair comparison anyway.

Speaking of Autzen/Oregon….The Ducks are over at the Colliseum putting on a show. Oregon leads 55-45. Arizona needs USC to lose, plus a couple of other things, and it controls its own destiny in the Pac-12 South.