Have a little slice of Italy at Vero Amore

Ever since returning from New York, which is arguably the food capitol of the world, I’ve been on the hunt for food that can measure up.

Because Tucson is such a cultural melting pot, it’s never been difficult to find good food here, and I’m generally pleased with wherever I go. I never had any complaints until I left this city and saw the blends of food offered in New York. Take it from me, everything you’ve ever heard about the pizza, bagels, dessert, it’s all true. New York promises much to expect and little to disappoint.

My quest with the inevitable return to Tucson was to find restaurants that measured up. Naturally, I started my all-time favorite type of food and New York’s most notable: Italian. While I do love Tucson, it had some pretty big shoes to fill.

After much wandering and taste testing, I’ve at last discovered a delicious Italian joint here in Tucson, Vero Amore, translated, and rather appropriately I would say, “True Love.”

The restaurant, located on 2990 N. Swan Road, ships all of their ingredients straight from Italy. Their claim to fame is undoubtedly the wood-fired pizza. My personal favorite is the Pizza Margherita which includes a blend of tomato sauce, basil, homemade mozzarella and parmesan. Cooked to perfection, the pizza has the perfect ratio of cheese to sauce and it’s never overcooked (nothing’s worse than a burnt pizza).

So fear not New Yorkers and Italian lovers, there is a pizza here that will save us all.

Just a bit of advice, come hungry and don’t share. Even if you can’t finish the whole thing, trust me, you’ll want the leftovers.