5 Do's and Don'ts for this Halloween

Whenever Halloween fails to fall on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, people take it as an excuse to rage all week long. Well ghouls and boys, make sure that over the course of this week of raging that you don’t commit these party fouls:

1.Rethink the Miley themed costume.
Trust me on this one, no one needs (or wants) to see any Miley VMA reenactments, the first time was plenty. Leave the scandalous leotards and dancing bears at home and let the real monsters haunt this Halloween.

2.Keep the heels on, or leave them at home.
Ladies, when you put your high heels on to go out, you are married to those shoes for the evening. You are in a deep commitment to keep them on your feet the entire night, or at least until the cab ride home. Plus, carrying your heels is a surefire way to get an M.I.P.

3.Dress up and get creative.
Don’t be the lame partygoer that doesn’t dress up at the themed party. Halloween is the only time of the year that you have an excuse to dress as whoever or whatever you want so take advantage of it. Don’t show up without a costume and expect not to get any dirty looks.

4.It’s not funny yet.
Dressing up as the KKK, Hitler, Sandusky, etc., is still NOT funny. You will get dirty looks and potentially kicked out. Hilarity gets points in costume contests but if you’re just blatantly offensive not only will you not win, but also you will be surrounded by a group of people who really, really don’t like you.

5.Have fun.
Kick back, relax, and have fun. You’ve graduated the days of knocking on stranger’s doors asking for candy. You’re an adult now, so go enjoy the bars, parties, and make the mistakes while you’re still young enough to fix them.