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ICYMI: The UA is getting quite the exposure for drugging Johnny Knoxville

As if Arizona fraternities weren’t under enough scrutiny already, Johnny Knoxville is alleging that he was drugged with ecstasy during a party he attended at an unnamed UA fraternity house.

The “Jackass” star made a short stop to Tucson last month to shoot a promo video for his upcoming film “Bad Grandpa.” Knoxville said that he was drugged during his stay, alleging that someone slipped ecstasy into his beer.

“Someone dosed me with ecstasy, and, after that, the wheels fell off,” Knoxville told TMZ earlier this week. “I wasn’t mad at all. I hadn’t done it since my 20s and I was like, ‘This is awesome.’”

Sporting a cast on his hand during the interview to mend a ruptured tendon he suffered during the party, Knoxville couldn’t speculate as to what caused the accident, but indicated it did occur while he was high.

Knoxville told the story again on Jimmy Kimmel Live earlier this week.