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I'm addicted to Vine

Vine, a social media app that allows users to share and post six second videos, is gaining popularity at a scary rate. Users can waste hours scrolling through moving videos and creating their own.

I, for one, am one of these users. Vine is addictive. I’m ashamed to admit I can easily waste hours scrolling through the obnoxious, yet hilarious, videos shared on Vine– and I often do.

Let’s do some math. Because videos are only six seconds long, you can watch 10 videos in one minute. That’s 600 videos in one hour, which is a pretty ridiculous amount.

I’m not writing this blog to understand why this mysterious habit has sprouted in my soul and has been watered and fed to become my fierce addiction to six-second increments of stupidity. I’m writing this because I’ve always heard that the first step in solving a problem is admitting that you have one.

So, here I am world. I’m addicted to Vine.

We live in an age of fast cars and fast apps. Our attention spans are becoming shorter, and we like quick and easy entertainment.

Vine is quick and easy entertainment.

I have 49 followers and I’m following 79 users. I’ve posted and revined 165 videos, and I’ve liked 292 videos. These numbers do not even come close to the amount of Vine’s I’ve simply watched.

Of the 79 users I’m following, 28 users are “Vine Verified,” essentially meaning that they’re the famous people we all secretly aspire to become.

Popular videos spread like wildfire, and generally involve six seconds of twerking, grinding, ranting, crying, or pain. Don’t ask me why I choose to waste my time this way, and I won’t ask you why you’re on level 430 of Candy Crush.