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Ten signs we know it's almost fall

Beards: The commencement of No Shave November is upon us, and so are guys with beards. Beards make guys’ faces look festive and cozy. Beards are basically mittens for your face.

Pants: Along this same vein, girls will take the drop in temperature as a perfect reason to wear pants. They’re secretly disguising the fact that they were too lazy to shave their legs in the morning.

Cardigans: Take a look around campus. A few drops in the temperature and students are finding any excuse to shake the cobwebs off of their favorite cardigan.

Infinity scarf: A scarf is a guaranteed way to spice up any outfit. A floral printed scarf coupled with a black knit sweater and dark combat boots is a simple way to dress in fall style.

Leggings: Equal parts cute and comfortable, leggings are all things that are good and right in the world.

Big Arizona sweatshirts: You’re either trying to convince yourself that it’s cold enough to wear a sweatshirt or it’s actually cold enough to wear a sweatshirt.

The electric bill is low: At last, the windows can finally be opened and the amount of air conditioning needed can finally be cranked down a notch or two. Your wallet is probably happy, too.

Combat Boots: Arguably, you can wear combat boots during all seasons of the year. For fall though, they’re especially appropriate. They go great with almost any outfit and they almost convince people that you just trekked five miles to school in the snow, uphill. Both ways.

Midterms: They’re brewing. You might get the occasional sense that you’re collegiate career is slowly starting to be sucked into a screaming vortex of terror — and that’s because it is. You just don’t notice it yet. Brace yourselves.

Pumpkin Spice Lattes: This probably doesn’t need much elaboration, but in case you’re wondering why the Starbucks line is longer than usual, this is why.