“Big Broom” Music Video by Races

Hello all in Blogland. I’m here to inform you of a sweet band called Races so that I might push the video for their single “Big Broom” on you. If you’re into dream pop soundscapes and old-fashioned male/female vocal pairings, “Big Broom” is the track for you. The video’s got some great moments as well, most of which involve one of the more creative uses of balloons I’ve encountered in a while.

The song itself opens with the lines, “When that big broom comes / for its final sweep” which actually give a great indication of how the track sounds. The vocals swirl about the distorted guitar lick, and the drums and bass guitar stomp with a glammy swagger that sweep with a grandiosity not far removed from that of an orchestra. It’s an excellent piece of music, so check out the video. You can also stream and purchase their entire album Year of the Witch on their site racestheband.com, so give that a listen as well!

Be sure to brush up on your Races before they hit Club Congress on November 18th. Should be a great time.

Until next time, Alex