Listen to It Is Rain In My Face

Hello all, Alex again. I first heard this record about forty minutes ago and immediately rushed to write this up so that I could share the beauty with all-“It Is Rain In My Face” by It Is Rain In My Face. Aside from having probably the best band name I’ve encountered all year, this is a fantastic record that somehow merges acoustic folk music, chillwave, and often club music to incredible effect. It’s hard to pinpoint what exactly gets me about this record. Is it the dream-pop of “Pagaul” that singer/songwriter Mat Jones inexplicably sings with a Southern twang? Is it the wild acoustic samples of “Moor As Uncle” and “Seven Eight Eight” that seamlessly fuse Delta lo-fi and dance beats? Or perhaps it’s the psych-rock guitar solo that spills out over glitchy hip hop drums in “Fighter Pilot In a War”?

It’s hard to say, of course, because it’s all that interesting. This album just sounds damn good. It’s very much a DIY affair, with the instrumental tones (particularly those of the acoustic guitars) often covered in a kind of murky haze that perfectly complements the backwoods harmonies that Jones puts together. There’s such a plethora of ideas going on in every one of these songs that at times it can seem like a few of the songs are half-finished, sketches of several songs that Jones smashed together for whatever reason. Yet even in the cases where this is true, this aesthetic never takes away from how excitingly diverse it is.

It’s available on bandcamp in the link below, either for a $7 digital copy or you can evidently purchase a cassette version too. Check it out! I guarantee It Is Rain In My Face has something for everyone.