Lumineers to play in Phoenix on Tuesday

Tucson has a long history of featuring uncommon, underground artists that have yet to make it big. With the city’s embrace of cultural events and art along with the student population’s desire for fresh music, Tucson is often home to never-before-heard sounds.

The Historic Rialto Theatre downtown is one of the many venues that have been home to bands on their way to the big leagues. The intimate venue provides artists a chance to connect with the audience with its limited space and romantic décor.

Last year, indie-folk rock band The Lumineers made their Rialto debut, and quickly rose to fame following that performance with folk music requests being at an all-time high. A year later, the band is set to have its premier concert in Phoenix at Comerica Theatre on Tuesday, going from an audience of a few hundred to several thousand.

The band has become well-known thanks to singles “Ho Hey” and “Stubborn Love” and popular tunes “Flowers in Your Hair,” “Submarines” and “Classy Girls.” Now with a dedicated fan base spanning across the globe, the band is bypassing the Rialto this year and instead graduating to play Phoenix venues.

The Lumineers’ vast popularity is undoubtedly due to their refreshing, unique sound that is unlike much of mainstream music these days. The lyrics go beyond the typical formula of violence, drugs and sex to convey real human emotion and actually connect with fans.

There will be much to expect and little to disappoint from week’s performance from The Lumineers at Comerica Theatre. For those of us in Tucson, we can only hope that they’ll one day return to the Rialto cycle and once again serenade us with their heartfelt folk tunes.