Disclosure brings disco back

Editor’s Note: The previous version of this article stated that the genre was bass and drum. The genre of Disclosure is actually synthpop or house.

Normally when writing I take solace on my over sized couch, my kitchen table, or (if I’m feeling frisky) a table at one of the various coffee shops scattered around campus.

Today, I am writing to you in my roommate’s car as we drive entirely too fast on our way to San Diego. We are taking a midweek trip to see UK electronic duo, Disclosure.

This synthpop electronic group stole my heart last year when they made their Coachella debut. Erase all of your preconceived notions about the genre “electronic.” You will need to reevaluate its definition after hearing these brothers.

Their sound acts as an audio-induced time machine that transports listeners directly back to the 70’s. This duo and their sound are proof that disco is back.

Disclosure’s innovative influence can be heard in the use of similar sounds by mainstream artists.

Listen to “Treasure” by Bruno Mars or “Hold On, We’re Going Home” by Drake and you will hear the same funky undertones that make you want to throw on a pair of bell bottoms and shimmy.

Okay. Maybe not the bell bottoms, but definitely the shimmying.

Their most popular, radio ready, song “Latch” is not only extremely catchy lyrically but immediately makes me want to dance like an absolute maniac upon hearing the intro.

However “Latch” is only the beginning of the gold mine of songs that Settle, their debut album, showcases.

To say that their music is revolutionary, in my opinion, would be accurate. Disclosure introduces a freshness into the music industry that combines old school tempos and new school electronic and together the two create an entirely new sound.

Anyone who can appreciate innovation will appreciate the sound that Disclosure produces. Tomorrow night, I’ll be showing my appreciation by dancing my ass off.